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Sneak Peek from "Market"

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the January 2016 Atlanta Gift Show. We spent a couple of days looking for the just the right decor and gifts to bring into the store. We had a great time and discovered some wonderful treasures.

One of our favorite showrooms was Simply Noelle. They have a great selection of clothing for women of all ages. They also have sunglasses, scarves, jewelry and handbags in an assortment of colors. We have huge orders that have already hit both stores! We found a vintage greeting card line made by a talented group of artist in Texas that is amazing! These cards and the envelope can be planted in the ground and will grow wild flowers! It is always fun to find unique and unusual things at market. We are excited to share them with you. There’s so much to take in, come look around, relax and enjoy our latest finds.

Sincerely, Mike & Amber

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