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What Is Trending This Spring

We are super excited to be bringing more clothing in to our stores this Spring! We already have many of the pieces in store and the colors just make us joyful after this dreary winter. These colors all in combination look like ice cream or pastel rainbows hanging on our racks! There is science behind how color affects our moods—whether it is the color of a restaurant wall, the color of your home or the color of the t-shirt you picked this morning! All of those colors have an impact on how you feel! To celebrate Spring, we have turned towards colors that suggest health and peace—definitely colors you will want to wear! Some of the colors we love most this season are:

  • Royal Blue = relaxing, escapism

  • Rose Quartz = gentle, lighthearted

  • Peach Echo = warm, friendly

  • Buttercup Yellow = happy, sunny

The next time you get dressed, choose a color that lifts your mood and adds a little bit of happy to your day!

Sincerely, Mike & Amber

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