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Transform Your Home with Scents of Springtime Joy

As you snap out of the winter and renew your homes this spring, we recommend bringing the fresh scents of the outdoors inside--starting with scented candles. We have some current favorite fragrances that will help refresh your air and your spirits. Our Ribbon Wick Candles will transform a room by engaging your senses with its hypnotic flame and sophisticated scent. Scarlett Berry evokes bright, ripe, fresh berries with a hint of clementine. Another great fragrance that is flying off the shelves is Tea Blossom, which provides the warm, soothing scent of the finest tea leaves and citrus. Last, but not least, the classic fragrance of Citronella captures the freshness of the outdoors. This is the perfect scent to enjoy on your patio or outdoor living space!

You can also awaken your Spring spirit with some new and exciting releases from Lampe Berger! The home fragrance, Mineral Oak Moss, is between the sea and mountains, combining aquatic and woodsy notes. The top note consists of sunny mandarin/lemon, leading onto a floral and sea salt heart, subtly spice up with gingerbread. While that sounds wintery, it is fresh and outdoorsy! When it comes to Lampe Berger fragrances, our best sellers for this time of year are always Ocean Breeze and Lemon Flower. Ocean Breeze is a fruity marine scent while Lemon Flower is the fresh and delicate scent of one of our favorite fruits.

Every year, I look forward to replacing my old winter potpourri with a fresh new bag of The Smell of Spring from Aromatic Potpourri. This one-of -a kind, very unique scent is so heavenly and beautiful!

Capture those fresh scents indoors to complete your décor, brighten your home and lift you up with the scents of springtime joy!

Sincerely, Mike & Amber

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