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Favorite Fall Decorating Ideas

Greetings, friends! Now that September is here, we wanted to share snippets of what is happening in the shops to celebrate the official change in seasons. As the air begins to cool and the days get shorter, we start trading brightly colored floral centerpieces for muted ones. We've been packing away all of our summery pink and turquoise and bringing out the burnt orange and warm plum of autumn.

This is a great time to give your dining table a makeover with one of our stunning Signature Centerpieces. These glass cylinders hinged together with metal can be customized to your taste and are easy to change with each new season. Add a touch of fall with cotton stems, bright colored leaves, pumpkins and gourds and, my favorite, bittersweet (a red berry with orange foliage!) A couple of moving flame candles nestled in the arrangement make this the perfect centerpiece for fall and provide a touch of glowing warmth for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Decorate your front porch for autumn with artwork that flows seamlessly across items like our coordinating garden flags, outdoor mats and mailbox covers. The pieces in each of our garden collections complement each other perfectly. The Denim Sunflowers Collection designed by artist Jennifer Brinkley, is full of her signature bold florals and rich textures. Its warm colored flowers and vibrant blues make a perfect transition from summer to fall. There is a garden collection for every season so you can make a colorful statement year-round.

With fall coming, we start to close up the windows and spend more time indoors with family. Give your house that amazing homey feeling with the scent of fall! We are stocked with all of our autumn scents, such as golden pumpkin, baked apple and pecan pie, so your whole house smells warm and inviting when you snuggle in.

Thank you to everyone who came out for Fall Open House. It was so nice seeing all of you! We look forward to seeing you again at Christmas Open House November 3rd, 4th, and 5th!

Sincerely, Mike and Amber Hinton

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