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Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day is coming and it's time to talk gifts. We are willing to bet that your mom is one of the most important ladies in your life. We are also willing to bet that's what makes it so hard to find just the right thing for her when a special day comes around. When your mom already "has it all" finding a thoughtful gift can be a challenge. You want to find something she will use all the time!

We thought it would be worthwhile to mention the art of gift giving. A good gift giver is someone who is always on the lookout for things that can make their friends and family happy throughout the year. Keep in mind the functionality of the gift-if you can give something that is cute AND useful, your gift will definitely go a long way! It really isn't just the thought that counts. So what's the magic formula, and more importantly, what should one be considering for their Mother's Day shopping list? We have selected a handful of gift ideas that literally keep on giving for months, even years, to come.

Interchangeable Doormats

​​One of the most popular items at Petals & Potpourri is our gorgeous, interchangeable doormats with coordinating garden flags and mailbox covers. This is the perfect gift for your mom or mother-in law! She can place it right outside at her front door to give visitors a warm welcome with a bit of charm. Each seasonal insert is stain resistant and features a fun, detailed image reflecting the time of year. They really come to life when laid in the decorative recycled rubber tray with beautiful scroll work for a polished, elegant look. When the next special occasion rolls around, you can add to her collection with new mats to show the season. Whether it's her birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because, this is one gift she will use all year long and you don't have to think about it too hard.

Lampe Berger Paris

You could give her something elegant that cleanses the air with Lampe Berger Paris. There are so many lamps to choose from to suit any interior decor. Of course, any Lampe Berger isn't complete without a wonderful fragrance to go with the beautiful lamp. I gifted my mother with a lamp years ago, so I know all her favorite fragrances for certain times of the year. This is a no brainer anytime I need a gift for her because she burns her lamp all the time! For spring, the three fragrances we recommend you try with the lamp are Lemon Flower, Ocean Breeze, and Aquatic Wood. You can also add So Neutral to soften any fragrance for those who don't like as much scent but love the cleanliness Lamp Berger brings to the room.

Ribbonwick Candles

The best thing about a scented candle is it can set just about any tone or mood you want. So if you want mom to have a nice relaxing time, you could try one of our Ribbonwick candles for Mother's Day or any other holiday. Thanks to the unique way the wick burns in these candles and the stunning glow shade, they are mesmerizing to watch and really fill a room with their lovely scent. The tabletop stand is the perfect way to raise and showcase these large candles. We find Rainfall to be a particularly relaxing fragrance, but, really, you can't go wrong with any of them. You're sure to find the perfect one for your mother, no matter what scent she prefers. They make an interesting centerpiece during the winter months and can be used outdoors in the summer with the Citronella Collection. Every season brings new scents, so she will never get bored with this candle set!

Gingersnap Jewelry "snaps"

Unique style is easy to achieve with our interchangeable Gingersnap jewelry "snaps" and fabulous base pieces...bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. They are elegant enough to be worn for a special occasion, but simple enough to be worn every day. A little color, a little movement, and tons of sparkle will have her styling this summer! How fun is it when your jewels match your mani and wardrobe colors?! We will be rocking this snappy trend right into the holidays. Once you've started with the base pieces, you can keep adding to her snap collection with our buy 4 Snaps, get 1 FREE deal!

Sid Dickens Collection

If your mom loves all things design, we have endless gift ideas with a Sid Dickens Collection. Handmade in Vancouver for 25 years, Memory Blocks are the original collectible wall plaques. Each block is carefully handcrafted, and has a unique meaning printed on the back. New collections are brought out several times a year and previous collections are retired, making these true collectors' items. Start creating a wall with your mom by purchasing one block for her each year for her birthday, Mother's Day Christmas or Anniversary. I promise the result of your efforts will be cherished greater than any other gift you can buy. Stop by our stores to see his entire collection of beautiful tiles and creative ways to display them. However you choose to honor your mom, have a wonderful Mothers’ Day!

Sincerely, Mike and Amber

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