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Displaying Treasured Mementos

Installing the Shelf

One thing we really enjoy about our new home is decorating every inch of it. A few weeks ago, a thought sparked an idea that turned into a fun and surprisingly easy project. As we go through life, we acquire items that color our lives with their stories and wonderful memories. We avoid hiding these mementos away in boxes and cupboards at all cost. Lack of exposure to these treasured items is a tragedy!

We wanted to design a shelf to add richness and character and more space to display some prized possessions we recently accumulated. For this project, we combined a pair of corbels and a salvaged door off an old railroad car to frame a pass through window that integrates the kitchen with the living area.


Corbels are basically decorative architecture pieces that support or enhance another object. We carry all sorts of corbel options for decorative use. We decided to go with a vintage style corbel featuring a beautifully distressed white finish. In this case, we called attention to the small details and got a huge impact for minimal price! At this point, we had not really given any thought to what the actual shelf would be. Some type of wood? Mike was at the shop and spotted an old door tucked way back in a corner behind a piece of furniture. He took a closer look and the size and color of the door looked about right. He brought it home and, as fate would have it, the door was the exact dimensions we needed for the corbels to set flush with the window! It was perfect. Mike is so good! We had assembled all our materials and off we went.

I think I started decorating before he had the shelf completely secured. We love how it turned out! What rooms are you working on right now? We would love to hear what you are up to! Post your photo on our Facebook page!

Sincerely, Mike and Amber

Finished Shelf
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