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Fall On The Mantle

Happy fall to ya! We are so excited and thrilled to see some subtle signs of approaching autumn! Regardless of how much we LOVE summer and wish it could stay little longer, fall is definitely throwing some hints our way and we are ready for it. We can feel a chill in the air when we wake up in the morning, leaves are starting to turn red, and the days are quickly getting shorter.

We decided to start fall decorating with the mantel. We like to draw our fall inspiration from all things natural and we wanted to keep it bright and cheerful. Orange is a staple color for fall and we like using green pines with it as an unexpected contrast of color to liven things up! We started with two pine garlands (with pine cones) and we hid an LED Warm White Light Garland underneath to light up the mantle for the entire holiday season! The lights are made for indoor/outdoor use, with a built-in timer, and 8 function remote. We tucked stems of bittersweet and red-orange leaves into the pine. This adornment gives the appearance of having just been taken off the tree! Our bittersweet stems are whimsically realistic with a twisting, knobby texture and small bright berries. We love the way the light illuminates under the leaves. we placed the same stems used on the mantle garland in two large seeded glass jugs and added some yellow black-eyed susans and sticks to the mix. The crows add a primitive touch and compliment the black framed sunflower pictures nicely. After placing some pumpkins at different heights, we finished and loved the way it turned out! It will be super easy to change this garland for Christmas. We will simply remove the leaves and bittersweet, and add red berries, snowflakes, and bows!

Fall on the Mantle

Sincerely, Mike and Amber

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