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Sweet Gestures for Valentine's Day

Valentine gifts, whether big or small, should be a sweet gesture that shows your loved ones just how much they mean to you. We pulled together a few gift ideas to make finding the perfect gift easy as pie. Sid Dickens Memory Blocks - Handmade, hand-painted in Canada since 1994, Memory Blocks are original, timeless plaques designed to mark a time, event, or occasion. Each block has a special description written by the artist on the back, making them a perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Love is in the air! Make Valentine's Day extra special with a Lampe Berger! The original luxury home fragrance lamp made in Paris, France. For 120 years, people have fallen in love with the beauty and inspired scents of the one and only Lampe Berger. Each elegantly designed fragrance lamp gently burns an enchanting perfume of choice, permeating the air with luxurious fragrance while purifying the air.

Lampe Berger, the original luxury home fragrance lamp made in Paris, France.

Eat your heart out! We have HUGE solid milk chocolate lips...all gift wrapped and ready for your sweetheart. They are so much fun! And, fabulous handmade artisan heart-shaped truffles! And, Wind & Willow Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheeseball Mix has real pieces of strawberry with a chocolate cookie topping! So sweet and delicious!

Wind & Willow Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheeseball Mix

Hand-picked just for you! Delight in a new season of fresh ideas, including over 100 new Ginger Snaps and gorgeous jewelry that has been hand-picked- just for you! Ginger snaps are so versatile with endless possibilities, create one of a kind jewelry pieces in a "snap"!

Ginger Snaps Braclet

Festive touch to the front door! Make artwork part of everyday life with our outdoor mat and flag collection! These charming Valentine's Day designs are sure to add a festive touch to her front porch. They depict trendy mason jars filled with red and pink Valentine hearts and berry branches, created by Susan Winget, one of America's most beloved artists!

Outdoor Mat Collection

Happy Valentine's Day,

The Hintons

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