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Essentials for a Great Winter

This year, I made an intentional decision to find ways to make winter time pleasurable. Changing your mindset can do more than distracting yourself from the weather. I chose to look at winter as something to be enjoyed, not something to be endured, like the Norwegians do! We wanted to share a few of our favorite things that help us make winter really enjoyable. We have found that choosing the right essentials for winter life was key. You just need to surround yourself with the things that bring you joy! A Fireplace- I am convinced having a fireplace is essential to life! We have been using ours every night for months. Winter is best lived with the contrast of cold to hot, getting chilly then warming up by the fire. And what could be better than decorating the mantle using treasures that beautifully reflect the season.

Low Lighting- Having the right lighting is critical to enjoying gray days. We love our flameless candles and use them everywhere. They offer a warm low light for winter mornings and nights.

Tea Kettle- During the winter months, hot tea consumption is high at our house. Every night I look forward to warming up with a cup of hot tea after a long day of work to soothe the soul. It is a moment to pause and mindfully decrease stress. I love our tea kettle! It works great and looks even better!

Winter Baking- There's nothing cozier than cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket, a cup of tea, and something fresh from the oven. Baked goodness will keep us warm and happy for the rest of the cold days. Our beer bread mix is beyond easy and perfect to have on hand for cold nights. Winter is definitely the season when we let ourselves indulge in bread more often!

Warm Bath Soaks- We are big time bath soakers. Warming up on a really cold night with a warm bath is one of the best parts of winter. I love to add epsom salts, bentonite clay, and essential oil blends to a hot bath and light candles around the tub. Lavender and frankincense oils are my favorites! It's so relaxing, you can practically feel the calming aromas melting away the stress of a crazy day and sending you off to Dreamville. I also love to do this on days I can watch the snow fall!

Wax Melts- Warm up your winter with wax melts to create a feeling of home. Finding the right scent for you and your family is essential to creating that feeling. If you are having some friends over, place a warmer on a foyer table to greet guests with a welcoming scent like Lemongrass Verbena. If you like to relax in a hot bath, a beautiful fragrance like Indigo Acai will transform your bathroom to your own personal spa!

Whatever ways you choose to make your winter more enjoyable, perhaps the most important essential of all is a positive attitude!

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow"



The Hintons

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