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Celebrating Love

February is a wonderful month where we! A holiday to truly appreciate the love that is all around us. For some it's no big deal, but for us Valentine's Day is extra special. We celebrate, our daughter, Hanna's birthday on February 10th. She is turning 18 this year! So in the spirit of Valentine's Day, birthdays and love for family, we will indeed have a celebration. And for us, celebrating means decorating!

We dressed up the dining nook with pink and red tulips. They look like the real thing but last a whole lot longer! A few white bunnies nestled in are a welcome reminder of Spring!

Dining Nook Valentine Decorations

The white stripped gallery boards and HOME sign are a great way to celebrate each season. You can personalize with a seasonal charm or a mini gallery print, like the buffalo check heart. They are a unique way to decorate for each season without needing a lot of space for storage.

White Stripped Gallery Board with Red Heart
HOME Sign with Buffalo Check Heart

Home really IS where the heart is. Stop by our shop for these fun items and many more! We'd love to help you decorate your home for the season or choose a gift for someone special.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Mike and Amber

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