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Five Focal Areas to Decorate For Fall

We love how our home feels when we are finished decorating it to welcome a new season. It feels like a cozy and magical place where we want to stay forever! Opening up the stored decorations is like saying hello to an old friend.

A quick decorating tip... make your seasonal decor feel fresh and new by mixing up colors themes and moving pieces around. We never do the same thing twice! We like to create a fresh look every season by adding new pieces and putting things in different places from the previous year.

We simplify our seasonal decor by focusing our energy on five main focal areas. We have other spots we also like to decorate, but completing these areas first allows us to enjoy a quick transformation without tearing the entire house apart.

Front Door

Curb appeal centers around the front door. If you want your house to make a great first impression, hang fun wreath or door piece to show the season, a beautiful welcome mat and a couple of planters. This will create a focal point on the exterior of your house that naturally draws you and your guests in.  

Entry Way

What is the first thing you see when you open your front door? Is it a staircase, table, or a wall? Add interest and warmth with a touch of seasonal decor and some fun lighting! I love how the lighted branches look in front of the mirror at night.


The mantel is the perfect place to showcase fall. Make your fireplace really stand out with some beautiful florals, lights, and seasonal items. Orange and green with a touch of black are the colors I chose for our mantle this year. 

Coffee Table

It doesn't get any simpler than this - a pretty fall floral layered with bittersweet and twigs placed on top of a reclaimed wood charcuterie board. Rustic and not too fussy. We've used this board more as a decor piece than an actual charcuterie board.

Dining Table Centerpiece 

For your fall dinner parties or dinner at home, candles and fall foliage make a colorful centerpiece. We want it to look pretty from all sides and a low container that doesn’t block the person in front of you. My favorite part of the day is when we all come together in the evening. It is important to me that our family eats dinner together at the table every night. Even if we just have leftovers, I always turn the candles on to create a relaxing mood and hopefully make this special time of the day last as long as possible.

Sometimes we want to do a little, sometimes we want to do a lot! So, if we decide not to decorate any other space than these five, we still have the main areas covered.

Need help with your seasonal decor? We are here to help! All the decor and florals featured in this blog are available at Petals & Potpourri. Shop our "Fabulous Fall" collection in Petal & Potpourri's online shop, stop by one of the stores, or give us a call.

Yours in decorating,

Mike & Amber Hinton

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