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Layering Our Home Fragrances

If you have shopped in our stores you already know that we carry a variety of home fragrances. Which leaves the question we get asked a lot, "how can I fragrance my home?" Personally, we like layering our home fragrances. There is no right or wrong way to layer. If it smells good to you then go for it, but we have a few tips to guide and motivate you.

Home fragrance is just as important and home decor. In our opinion, the best use of home fragrance is subtle, effective, and reflects the season or mood that you are currently feeling. Layering high quality fragrances from Maison (Lampe) Berger Paris and Trapp Fragrances are very effective at keeping the house a pleasure to come home to and live in each day.

Fragrance Layer 1 - Candles and Wax Warmers

Candles and wax warmers are a great choice for layering because they create ambiance while adding a layer of continual fragrance. We have three wax warmers placed strategically throughout the main level of our house. Typically we go for a zingy and energetic citrus like Trapp Amalfi Citron or Orange Vanilla in the kitchen & living room area. In the master bedroom we like scents that help to relax and rejuvenate. My favorite wax to melt in our bedroom is Trapp Indigo Acia. It is a gorgeous blend of Acia Berry, white florals, and creamy vanilla. The other wax warmer is in our entry way. A welcoming blend like Trapp Vetiver Seagrass is a crowd pleaser that will keep the happy vibes flowing!

Fragrance Layer 2 - Diffusers

Trapp Reed Diffusers will add low key fragrance around the clock. Using these in addition to wax melts and candles will help evenly disperse scents throughout your home. Diffusers are not as noticeable as candles and wax melts, and they work continually as the scent travels up the reeds and slowly disperse over time. Diffusers also work best in smaller spaces. We have one in every bathroom. Trapp Water in the guest bath and, of course, Indigo Acia in the master bath. They work well in a hallway or entry way where the airflow from coming and going will assist the fragrance in moving around. Trapp diffusers last up to a year and they make an awesome gift paired with a candle and wax melt.

Fragrance Layer 3 - Cleanse, Purify & Fragrance with Maison Berger Paris

Maison (Lampe) Berger Paris not only fragrances the air but will cleanse and purify by destroying airborne bacteria, germs, dust, and odor. Lampes were invented in 1898 in Paris and were originally used to clean the air in hospitals and mortuaries. They were marketed to the public on the 1930's and the oils and perfumes were added. Now days, they are used to eliminate odors from cooking, pets, cigars, and teenagers! Just kidding, but seriously, once the lamp is warmed up, allow it to permeate for 20 minutes to purify and fragrance the air at the same time! Think of it as a sharper, shorter burst of fragrance. Our Maison Berger ritual begins after dinner every night. I light our lampe and by the time the kitchen is clean, so is the air and the cooking odors are completely eliminated! Maison Berger burns a clean alcohol based fragrance with a ceramic stone so it is 100% nontoxic. There is no soot or smoke. They are safe for pets and if you have one (or two, or three, or four) you need one of these! Burning a lampe daily will help your diffuser, wax melts, and candles work better because you are cleaning the air with a fragrance that you can build on.

And now the fun part, our favorite layering combinations that compliment each other so nicely! Don't be afraid to experiment with different scents. So go ahead and create something new and completely you!

Trapp / Maison Berger Paris

Lemongrass Verbena / Lemon Flower

Orange Vanilla / Sparkling Zest

Hibiscus Proseccto / Hibiscus Love

Water / Aquatic Wood

Vetiver Seagrass / Fresh Wood

Fine Linen / Pure White Tea

Teak & Oud Wood / Winter Wood

White Lotus & Lychee / Lychee Paradise

Indigo Acai / Paris Chic

Lavender de Provence / Lavendar Fields

Burmese Wood / Heavenly Sun

Amalfi Citron / Exquisite Sparkle

Shop our fragrances online or come on in and smell these wonderful combinations! We'd be happy to help you find the perfect combination for your home or someone special.

Happy decorating,

Mike & Amber Hinton

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