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Looking For A Unique Gift for Dad?

Looking for the perfect Father's Day Gift? We have you covered! So why not get him something unique this year? We have selected a few great gift ideas to honor dad on his special day.

Pickwick & Co. are some of the best smelling candles we've found, and we love that they are made in Kansas City! Small batch, hand poured candles wit premium fragrances and essential oils using an all natural soy blend wax and cotton and zinc wick. An everyday favorite for dad is Leather, Tobacco, and Woods. A dark and earthy masculine blend with old world charm - smoky leather, fragrant tobacco leaf with precious woods.

They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Buttery beer bread is sure to put a smile on his face! Our Beer Bread Mix is a great addition to a gift basket with a 6 pack of dad's favorite beer. Just and on beer to the mix, stir, and bake! Quick, easy, and so delicious with a thick buttery crust and tender inside.

Sid Dickens released the memory block, Riverbank, for Father's Day 2016. These inspiring and beautiful blocks make the most heartfelt gifts. The quote on the back reads - "The Riverbank tile honors the memories of each day spent with dad; the gifts he gave, in so many ways, through his wisdom and bravery. The Riverbank is a place you can always return to; a happy memory to which the door is always open for every care free soul who is a child at heart."

We would love to help you find your special and unique gift for your dad. Come on in and look around, relax and enjoy the experience. If you've got questions, we've got answers. We work hard to make your experience nothing but a pleasure.

Sincerely, Mike & Amber

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