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Decorate the Heart of the Home for Christmas

The true heart of the home at Christmas (and all year!) is the kitchen. A decorated tiered tray is great way to make your island, countertop, hutch, or side bar a festive focal point! Incorporating some simple, impactful design ideas can really bring the holiday spirit into the space that matters most.

To get this great look, we have how-to "get the look!" video on how to style a tiered tray for winter. We started with a tired tray, add some cute red and white snowmen, small pine greenery, a few gingerbread houses, snow bears, snowy pine trees, and peppermint candy!

We have so many options in the store to customize a tray for you - the possibilities are endless! Already have a tiered tray? Bring it in and we will help you find the right items for the perfect tray. Celebrate every moment at Petals & Potpourri!

Happy Holidays!

Amber & Mike Hinton

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