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How to Evolve and Savor Your Christmas Decor Before Thanksgiving

High fives all around, fall is officially here and we cannot get enough of it! The colors, the holidays, the changes- it's all so magical. Fall colors (including our favorite orange!) are everywhere, cozy cold weather fashions are flourishing, and the spirit of change is in the air.

We want to enjoy the true spirit of the holidays as we celebrate them. Just like the fall season at our shops, Christmas is the season we like to let evolve and savor each step of the way. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to how or when to decorate. We love to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. By adding beautiful greenery and sparkling lights can be enjoyed for Thanksgiving on your way to celebrating Christmas. I love the idea of having dinner and giving thanks for our blessings by a Christmas tree! It doesn't have to wait until we put away the turkey.

You can slowly add a touch of Christmas here or there--one gentle bit of greenery at a time. Add a wreath here. Then, add some garland, lights and sparkle there. Give your lanterns a fresh look with a new rustic swag. Pine, red berries, and a burlap bow are perfect for your natural style.

Fall always feels like a reflection of time that has passed. With the store's 38th anniversary celebration coming on October 25th, this fall even more so marks a defined passage of time. Thank you to all for being part of our Petals & Potpourri family. Having seen many small businesses come and go, it makes us feel even more blessed by your support and wonderful friendships built over the years. It provides us with the motivation to continue to search for the best products for you and your home.

Sincerely, Mike and Amber Hinton

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