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Something Special for Dad

Father’s Day is coming up and we have lots of fun gifts in the shops for any dad! It doesn't matter if he is a bourbon or scotch lover, your dad will flip over our Whiskey Wedge for Father's Day! Tell Dad to say goodbye to watered down spirits, and surprise him with the innovation of the Whiskey Wedge, an old-fashioned glass with a revolutionary new design. Using a silicone ice mold, ice forms a wedge inside the glass that is designed to melt much slower than smaller, traditional ice cubes. Match it with a bottle of great bourbon or scotch from one of our local distillers like Tom’s Town or Rieger for an extra special gift! How can you make a hops fan happy? With beer accessories, of course! Make any beer even better with a six pack canvas beer caddy and koozie. If you are extra nice, you will pre-fill it with his favorite or try a six of new and interesting beers that he hasn’t tried yet! Add an American made 308 caliber bullet key chain bottle opener made from a once fired military bullet! For a dad who doesn’t drink alcohol, think about one of our Corkcicle containers to keep his brew piping hot! They come in a variety of colors (Royals blue?) Pair it with some great local coffee for a morning beverage treat! Many of us grow up fishing with our dads. Some of my favorite times spent out on the water were those spent fishing with my dad. The Riverbank memory block from Sid Dickens honors the memories of days spent with dad. The description says, "Casting lessons of strength and easy laughter, Forever bonded by wild adventure." Cheers to your dad this Father’s Day!


Mike and Amber

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