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Holidays Are A Magical Time

The holidays are - and always have been - a magical time at Petals & Potpourri. We love the Christmas season. We are having so much fun setting up for our Christmas Open House on November 2-4 and can’t wait for you to see all of the wonderful decorations we have in the shops this year! Traditions are what make this time of year more memorable. When it comes to decorating and putting up the tree, we have several traditions that I look forward to every year. Nothing brings back cherished childhood memories like classic Elvis Christmas songs playing on the radio. This is a must. Our family simply cannot decorate a tree without hearing Blue Christmas and Santa Claus is back in Town! Many traditions are closely connected to scents. We absolutely adore the White Fir scent by Trapp Candles and always light one as we decorate our tree. Every time I light it, I feel uplifted by the perfect fragrance that only a Christmas tree brings! It is the perfect backdrop to our holiday decorating! On October 25th, 1979 Petals & Potpourri had it's first day of business. Now 39 years later, our passion for creating is still growing strong. We are excited to see what the next decade brings! We are very fortunate to have had all of you as loyal customers over the years. We can never thank you enough for your support. We look forward to our 39th year and cannot wait to celebrate next year with all our customers and employees on the big "40". So once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Sincerely, Mike and Amber

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