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Let the Christmas Season Begin with Some Inspiration

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Christmas Open House. We hope you enjoyed the store and some holiday spirit! Let the Christmas season begin with some inspiration! Your preparations should encompass all of the senses--wonderful sights and scents as you prepare for the arrival of friends and family! This month's newsletter is full of suggestions for the season, as well as moving into the colder months of the new year, inspiring warmth and love in your décor, gifts and heart! Here are some festive scents just in to provide a little inspiration for your holiday season.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Adding aromatherapy to your daily life can help fight cold and flu symptoms, relax your body, soothe sore muscles, and heal skin conditions. Experience pure joy this season with our new Bayberry Balsam, a classic holiday scent made of pure essential oils. Fresh Canadian fir, aromatic bayberry and warm clove blended to create this comforting, joyful scent. We recommend Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Cypress, Peppermint, Olibanum Spruce, and Cedar Mint for the holidays and throughout winter season. Ultrasonic Diffusers Ultrasonic diffusers are by far the best method to diffuse essential oils. This cold-air diffusion creates small vibrations which makes a cool vapor that preserves the integrity of the oils. It is ideal for use in the bedroom, family room, or office. We have several styles that will complement any décor. Lamp Berger - Made in Paris A reliable home fragrance is essential for every home! If you are not familiar with Lampe Berger, it is a catalytic diffusion system that purifies the air in your home while releasing fragrance and eliminating household odors. They are perfect to use an hour before guests are arriving and to chase away lingering cooking smells! Lampe Berger Gift Sets are also a perfect gift for any occasion. There is a wide range of scents available—something for every scent preference! This time of year, customers tend to switch to the scent category of Oriental Dreams (brown labels.) This family of fragrances is woody, spicy, and musky. We carry them all. Stop by one of the shops to smell a tester scent. Trapp Candles The familiar aromas found in Trapp Seasonal Collection warm your soul and awaken heart felt memories of the holiday season.

  • White Fir- Fills your room with refreshing, cool sensation of a winter forest.

  • Golden Cypress- Intoxicating aroma of fresh cypress sprigs and golden citron fruit.

  • Holiday- Cinnamon sticks, bourbon vanilla and gingerbread make this vibrant and spicy blend.

  • Lemon Sugar Cookie- Tart lemon balances the sweetness of oven-baked cookies drizzled with frosting.

Happy Holidays, Mike and Amber

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