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Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space

It's almost June and summer weather is officially here! The weather is heating up and we all want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine more than ever! Our back patio is one of my favorite places to sit, relax, and entertain. If you are looking for something new to freshen up the look of your outdoor space, we have a fun selection of unique outdoor decor to suit your taste.

Sunny Yellow Metal Chairs

Creating a functional and livable outdoor space is not really that different from creating an indoor one. When it comes to seating, we are completely in love with these cottage chic, sunny yellow metal chairs. We use them on our front porch and they show very nicely from the road. They are also very sturdy and durable, which is important for us since we live on a hill and it gets windy at times.

Patio Pillows

Nothing brings the coziness of indoors outside like adding plenty of pillows to your patio furniture. We have several different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from. The power of pillows is their ability to spike color or add patterns.

Water Feature

Water features are really making a comeback. They add a touch of luxury to an indoor or outdoor space. It's an elegant way to dramatize a patio or garden filled with plant life. The trickling sounds of a water fountain will inspire the senses, as well as create a relaxing ambiance. Our little feathered friends love it too! Speaking of our feathered friends, we have been working on ways to attract a variety of birds at our house. We started with placing some wall mounted bird feeders on our pergola.

They also work great as a bird bath because they are shallow. When I was a kid, I remember my grandma always being so worried about us knocking over her cement bird bath in the backyard and hurting ourselves. She would have loved this idea! Sincerely, Mike and Amber

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