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Winter Wonderland Sneak Peek

Take a break from the heat, it's time for some Christmas magic! The weather here in Missouri went from one extreme to another and what better way to cool off than a Christmas in July experience?! Mark your calendars for our Annual Christmas in July Open House July 26-28. As always, we'll have good cheer, delicious treats, and $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. We decorate the entire store for Christmas, but keep in mind we still have our summer collections and scents available! Christmas in July is an opportunity to plan ahead for holiday celebrating and decorating five months before it gets here. Many people wait until December to buy gifts. It's much easier to get ready for the holiday season little by little. It keeps your stress level down! Come walk through our winter wonderland and get a sneak peek of what is coming. We look forward to this event every year and can't wait to share the holiday magic with you. We truly believe this is the start of one of our best Christmases ever!

Sincerely, Mike and Amber

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