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Queen Bee Bathroom Makeover

Whew! We have finally (mostly) finished our master bathroom makeover! It seems like forever since we started this project. We have a few other little things to do in here but for the most part, it is finished. We are super excited to share some pictures with you since literally everything used to decorate it is from Petals & Potpourri!

Bathroom Makeover, the Shower

First things first, wall color. Deciding the paint color was surprisingly easy. I always envisioned yellow in this bathroom. The color yellow makes me feel optimistic and happy. I knew the right shade would lift my spirit and energize my mood in the morning when I am getting ready for the day. This bright color on the beadboard captures the essence of the sun and gives off a very joyous vibe! We painted the upper wall a warm neutral.

I like the look and fullness of a double panel shower curtain. When Mike did the tile work for the bathtub, I asked him to place the recessed shower shelves on the same wall as the showerhead. This way, all the bottles and soaps are hidden behind the shower curtain. Have you searched high and low for coordinating shower curtains, towels, and bath rugs that are unique and worthy of your love? We can custom order them for you! Just come in and ask to see our catalog!

Bathroom Makeover, Metal Gate Shelf

We tend to incorporate nature and outdoor things in our home decor. This metal gate shelf is the perfect place to hold some vines, flowers, and a cute little bunny. We LOVE to style our home with Sid Dickens Memory Blocks! They are designed to mark a special time, event, occasion or memory in your life so you can tell your own story with timeless pieces of art. The bee is called Aviator. The message on the back reads, "This tiny visitor, messenger of change, bestirred from winter's dream to the work of a new season, and the passing of another page." This block reminds me to work hard, stay busy, and never stop. Since this is primarily "my” bathroom, I could not resist placing the Queen Memory Block right beside it!

Bathroom Makeover, Sid Dickens Aviator

We hope you enjoyed these photos of my Queen Bee bathroom. And a huge thank you to my husband, Mike, who's honey-do list seems never ending! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Check out more photos below.

Sincerely, The Hintons

Bathroom Makeover, Sid Dickens Blocks

Bathroom Makeover, Storage Shelf

Bathroom Makeover, Storage Shelf Close Up

Bathroom Makeover, Bench

Bathroom Makeover, Decor

Bathroom Makeover, Wire Shelf Decor

Bathroom Makeover, Wire Shelf Decor

Bathroom Makeover, Wire Shelf Decor

Bathroom Makeover, Decor

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