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Lighting Up Our Lives

We hope you are doing well and enjoying this beautiful month of May! Summer is quickly approaching, the days are getting longer, and the temperature is gradually turning warmer! Flowers are in bloom and we are spending every spare minute outside in the garden, planting, and finishing some landscaping projects! This time of year reaffirms our deep appreciation for light! It's easy to see why light, both natural and artificial, are so important to us all. In nature, we delight in the first rays of the morning sunshine. We are absolutely morning people and feel energized by the sun, specifically early morning sunlight. It sets everything in motion. It affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually. We then toil the afternoon away with the midday sun beating down and anticipate the glorious spectacle of sunset. The shift from evening to night is so wonderful. Sitting around a bonfire when night falls, the twinkling of stars, and the benevolent moon are the simple things in nature we enjoy and appreciate. Artificial lighting is a wonderful way to continue those feelings that lights bring, even when you retreat indoors or when the sun is gone. Lighting creates the atmosphere and dictates what a space "feels" like. Something about turning on sconces, lanterns, and candles makes me feel instantly comfortable and cozy. We are sharing our most favorite innovative ways to illuminate your indoor and covered outdoor areas, now that it is warm enough to be outside! Warm white lights make any space a little more welcoming. Decorative and accent lights give you a chance to really express yourself and highlight your home's style. We use different kinds of electric lighted branches mixed with greenery and floral stems to create a stunning decorative element. The graceful branches can be shaped to fit any vessel, add height and substance to existing arrangements, or change a mantle from flat to dramatic in minutes. They cast an enchanting, ambient glow and look even better when placed in front of a mirror or window. This photo shows an arrangement we placed in front of a window that overlooks our patio so we can enjoy them while we are relaxing outside in the evening.

Lanterns need lights and they look so beautiful and magical all lit up! The branches can easily be shaped and twisted inside with existing decor. The tiny brown cord is super long and can be discretely tucked behind. We help many customers decorate their lanterns.

Lanterns and lighting

The larger Lighted Willow Branch can be attached to a wall to make a beautiful display for an interior doorway or frame a piece of artwork.

Lighted Willow Branch

Our Fire Glow Lantern is one of my favorite decor items on the front porch, year-round! It casts the perfect glow on quiet evenings, when we are swinging on the porch or hanging out with our family and friends. Since it gets pretty windy, we wired it to an old cast iron plant stand. We also set it up on a timer, so it is on from dusk to dawn. It is very eye-catching from the road and we love seeing the porch lit up if we come home after dark. This is a wonderful piece for all seasons!

Fire Glow Lantern

Come visit our stores in Blue Springs and Liberty and let us help you pick out one of these fun lighting elements for your home, porch, or patio!

Sincerely, The Hintons

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