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Petals & Potpourri's Secret Recipe to Christmas Tree Decorating

Decorating Christmas trees is one of our very favorite things. There are so many styles of tree decorating. The options are endless and sometimes it can be overwhelming. So we are going to walk you through the steps to create a beautiful designer Christmas tree using five key ingredients.

This is the process we use for almost every theme so you can adapt it to your style. You can make it whimsical or elegant, but the same rules generally apply to any style.

First things first, plan your decorating ingredients around a theme or color story. The color palette used on this tree is red, green, black, white, and gold.

Ingredient 1: Lights We always add extra sparkle to pre-lit trees by adding a strand of LED cluster lights. Start at the bottom and run them inside the tree close to the pole in a pattern going up and down or around the tree.

Ingredient 1: Lights

Ingredient 2: Ribbon I layered three wired ribbons to create the bows. We only use wired ribbon because they can be shaped beautifully and they look great year after year when you take them out of storage. Place and secure the bows on the tree in a diamond pattern working your way from the top to the bottom.

Step 2: Ribbon

Ingredient 3: Ball Ornaments

Hang the ball ornaments in the diamond pattern created by the bows. Tuck them into the branches of the tree to create depth and background. Place larger sized balls at the bottom and work your way up to the smaller size balls at the top. This will add color and create a backdrop for your speciality ornaments.

Step 3: Ball Ornaments

Ingredient 4: Florals Secure florals on the tree branches to add focal points and fillers where available. You can cluster your floral elements together and place around the wider parts of the tree. Use single sprays to fill in around the top. A good rule of thumb is to use the same number of clusters as per feet of the tree. For example a 7-1/2 foot tree would use 7 clusters and a 9 foot tree would use 9 clusters.

Ingredient 4: Florals

Ingredient5: Ornaments

Organize ornaments according to size and style. Hang largest to smallest. Distribute the ornaments all over the tree placing special ones at eye level. Don't let ornaments dangle from long strings. Instead hold the string with your thumb and wrap around the branch. The key is to make the ornament look like it is growing right from the branch. It makes such an improvement.

Step 5: Ornaments

Gorgeous trees take planning and we are happy to help you select the right ingredients for your theme. By following our simple step by step guide, you can be a Christmas decorating pro! Stop by either location and get inspired by our themes or create your own. Let your imagination take over as you create a Christmas wonderland for you and your family and friends!

Happy Decorating, Mike and Amber Hinton

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