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Over the Top Graduation Party

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

It's easy to decorate and plan an over the top graduation party when you have an over the top kid! We hosted a high school graduation party for our daughter, Hanna, last weekend at our home! We wanted to make her feel extra special and it was so awesome to watch her celebrate with all her friends and family.

Planning her party was a labor of love and required lots of thought. We had so much fun on this project, we thought we’d share our ideas with you this month. We used all our favorite goodies from Petals & Potpourri to add some extra pizzazz to our home decor and incorporate the theme sunflowers! Also, it was a good excuse to do some decorating for late summer and early fall!

Color Palette & Theme

Hanna's high school colors were purple and yellow. Sunflowers are her favorite so we did a sunflower theme with black & white check and added touches of purple. We decided our house would be the best place to host a casual, backyard party with all Hanna's favorite picnic style foods. 

Outside Decor

If you’re hosting a grad party at your home, it's easy to get so focused on decorating the inside of your home that you forget outdoor decor entirely. We always recommend sprucing up your porch to let the world know someone really fun lives in your home! On the front door, we placed a bright and cheerful Petals door decor with sunflowers and lemons with a black and white check welcome mat to finish the look. Our sunflower garden stakes with black & white check are so fun to put in front porch planters! They are available in two sizes. We decorated the patio tables with black eyed susan centerpieces finished with black and white bows.


Every party needs a fragrance to set the mood and give guests a good impression when they arrive. We wanted a fun summer-ie fragrance and used Hanna's favorite Maison Berger fragrance, coconut monoi. There were three Maison Berger lampes burning during the party though out the house. We also layered the coconut monoi fragrance by melting Trapp's guava Mango waxmelts in our warmer. Our home smelled like a warm summer paradise! 

Welcome Table

Our entry table was a good place to put the guest book, right next to our welcome sign that is currently displaying a sunflower gallery print. Hanna played violin in the orchestra so I wired an old violin into the twig garland hanging on the shutter mirror (call to order mirror). Our shop carries a great line of journals including our graduation party sign-in book. How quickly we forget the details after we graduate. That is why our sign-in book is such a great idea. Every friend and family member can write down how/when they met, their favorite memories, and what they will never forget about the graduate. Months or years down the road the grad can read their journal and relive the best moments from high school when they are feeling nostalgic. 

Grad Tribute

A photo tribute to Hanna was a must have for this party. After all, a grad party is the perfect time to dig up all those adorable and embarrassing school pictures, and photos from special milestones, like prom and their graduation ceremony. I loved the idea of using this reclaimed elevator door as a backdrop for the photos with a sunflower garland across the top and a twinkle light curtain hanging down.

This window seat display shows off her cap and gown and a photo of her wearing them. Hanna is very musical so her violin is displayed here along with her diploma, scholarship certificate and 2020 tassels. We loved how this turned out so much I don’t want to put it away!

On the bar, we displayed her viola, letters and pins, and awards from district and state music festivals, where she received a GOLD rating her junior year! We placed a framed photo of Hanna and her beloved music director that was taken on that special day, and decorated her viola with the metals she received and a music ribbon bow.

Special Touches

The indoor table was decorated with pieces from our base and finial collection - which celebrates everyday with festive finials for every occasion! They simply screw into the functional bases and can be changed for every season or occasion. These are so detailed and all the finials are embellished with glitter! Shown in this photo is the small checked jar, napkin holder, and flatware caddy. It’s a fun and easy way to celebrate all of life's special moments.

Photo Booth

The photo backdrop was super easy to make yet made an amazing photo opportunity. It was made from two free standing vintage doors decorated with our twinkle light curtains. The 2020 balloons were attached to the pergola beam and we added crystal strands to the bottom to help weigh them down.  To attach the purple and gold balloons to the sides we used clear packing tape. What a great way to encourage people to take lots of pictures!  After the sun went down, the twinkle lights created a nice ambiance on the patio.

Need help with your seasonal decor or party decorating need? We are here to help! All the decor and florals featured in this blog are available at Petals & Potpourri. Shop our "Fabulous Fall" collection in Petal & Potpourri's online shop or pop by one of the stores.

Cheers to you Hanna and the entire senior class of 2020! 

Yours in decorating,

Mike & Amber Hinton

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